Gabriela Hearst

After winning the American Womenswear Designer of the Year award and being the head designer of the house Chloé, GABRIELA HEARST decided to create a brand in her name. In 2015, she chose to return to the world of fashion with a brand that is luxurious, modern and above all focused on traditional techniques and innovative use of materials such as the use of a linen variant treated with aloe vera. Gabriela Hearst's style is inspired by powerful women like Angela Davis, Oriana Fallaci and Kamala Harris.

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Gabriela Hearst

Jil boots

Regular price $1,240 | -26% Price $915
Boots Gabriela Hearst. Black leather. White stitching detail. Nylon tongue on the side. Heel of 5 cm. Notched sole. 100% calf leather. Made in...
Gabriela Hearst

Boots Vylos

Regular price $1,606 | -23% Price $1,239
Gabriela Hearst boots. In black leather and sheepskin. Soft sheepskin lined upper contrasts. Semi-square toes. Heel of 5 cm. Fleece interior....
Gabriela Hearst


Regular price $1,462 | -23% Price $1,131
Gabriela Hearst boots. In black patent leather. Heel 3.5 cm. Leather and wood sole. 100% calf leather. Made in Italy.