Philipp Plein

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The Philipp Plein universe

Philipp Plein revolutionized the fashion and luxury market with his particular style! A fairly bling bling and assumed style that has appealed to a large number of luxury consumers. It was a success all over the world. What is impressive is the boldness of the creator who literally breaks the codes of luxury by imposing his own style, everything is in the image. His creations are all more grandiose than the others and know how to surprise his audience with new pieces and new trends. The Philipp Plein brand is known around the world thanks to the genius of the creator.

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Philipp Plein at Moda di Andrea in Paris

At Moda di Andrea, the ultimate Parisian luxury outlet store, you have a wide selection of Philipp Plein items. We offer bomber jackets, jackets, perfectos in leather, fabric, jeans ... But also, more comfortable clothing such as joggers, sweatshirts, vests and t-shirts, all different thanks to Philipp Plein's original design. You will also find travel bags that can accompany you on all your travels. At Moda di Andrea or on the website, all you have to do is choose the models that suit you.

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Philipp Plein jackets

Philipp Plein jackets are among the most iconic pieces of the fashion house. They define the entire outfit and style of the wearer. We have a wide selection of bomber jackets, each more original, worked and detailed than the last. The details are often logos, illustrations such as skulls, snakes, Indian skulls. Sometimes you will find inserts in leather, jeans, fabric, colors, all this gives charm and an incomparable allure to Philipp Plein bombers. Biker jackets are imposing with their rawer cuts and big zippers. They will please you thanks to their quality leathers and classic colors.

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Our Philipp Plein sweatshirts

Among all the Philipp Plein creations, we have selected the ones that you will like the most. Philipp Plein sweatshirts stand out thanks to their many details such as glittering logos, two-tone and shiny skulls, sometimes colorful details. Often white, gray or black, Philipp Plein sweatshirts remain in classic colors, so you can associate them with any of your clothes.

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Our Philipp Plein joggings

Philipp Plein joggers represent the ultimate in casual luxury. You will once again find original and offbeat styles with the same details such as the Philipp Plein logo, skulls, strass and a few touches of color. Still in classic colors, Philipp Plein joggers will allow you to adopt a relaxed look while remaining classic.

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Our Philipp Plein t-shirts

Philipp Plein t-shirts are essential pieces for your wardrobe, they make up the outfit and are essential to create a trendy look. We will find the skull which is the emblem of Philipp Plein as well as the logo of the house. Original and trendy, Philipp Plein t-shirts are made for you and to enhance your style.

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